The Granary, Part II

After three years adjacent to the Fleet Block in the Salt Lake City's Granary District, Little City has moved to its second location. Don't worry, we're just a block away. Now located at 349 West 700 South, Little City is evolving. We've partnered with BCG Holdings which gives us a larger outdoor venue and the capacity to host bigger events, markets, festivals, and private parties.

We chose to work with shipping containers precisely for this reason—mobility. Our plan all along was to move, evolve, and reconfigure every few years in the hopes of activating underutilized urban spaces and creating neighborhood gathering spaces.

Our next public Summer in the Granary event is Saturday, July 30.


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Little City

Little City, Inc., is a Utah Benefit Corporation formed in 2015 by longtime friends and Salt Lake City advocates Tim Sullivan and Michael Yount. Little City creates small, temporary urban real estate developments oriented to walking, transit, bicycling, and public space, with the goal of incubating larger, permanent, great urban places.

Salt Lake City may be growing at a breakneck speeds, but there's still an abundance of undeveloped land, often years away from construction. We aim to activate these underutilized urban spaces and create community gathering places for events, food trucks, beer gardens, and more.

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